October 11-14 2015

Las Vegas, Flamingo Hotel

This year’s Special Event

A Private concert By The Jimmie Van Zant Band!


Jimmie Van Zant

Jimmie was born in Jacksonville, Florida – a city known mostly in the music circles as “the home of southern rock royalty.” Jimmie’s father: E.C. Van Zant and his brother, Lacy Van Zant is Ronnie, Donnie and Johnny’s father, linking this famous family together. Jimmie recalls his mother having an upright piano at home where she spent countless hours playing gospel tunes. Jimmie began taking piano and guitar lessons back at age 6. Later, in his teen years, he watched and listened to Ronnie Van Zant and the boys’ rehearse in his living room. He became amazed, mesmerized and drawn to their musical perfection. At this time, this musical pairing was known as “One Percent”, but would later evolve into the legendary Lynryd Skynyrd band.

Throughout his later teen years, Jimmie was sidetracked from music and took an interest in fast cars, professional bowling tournaments, and other hobbies. The tragedy of the fateful plane crash of 1977 of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band and loss of Ronnie Van Zant brought Jimmie back to his musical roots. This pushed him to make his own mark in the industry, guided by the lessons he learned from his cousin, Ronnie. He formed his own group and later was signed by a record label, and recorded his first album: “Southern Comfort”, where he dedicated the song he co-wrote: “Ronnie’s Song” as a tribute to his beloved cousin, which he is still demanded to play on tour. Jimmie never looked back and continued to tour with his dedication and drive for the music, performing over 200 shows a year, delivering each performance with a vengeance.

Zohra Van Zant

Zohra was born and raised in South Jersey. As a child, her and her three sisters would sit and listen to a wide range of music with their father. From R&B, rock, soul, jazz from the 50’s on up. Zohra, and her sisters, dreamed of having their own rock band someday.
Zohra and Jimmie married on April 12th, 2002 while Jimmie as on tour and has been with him on tour since. As Jimmie’s supporting vocalist, she also shares the harmony with Laura and the two of them have a unique chemistry that blends with Jimmie’s. Zohra has her own defined stage presence, and stands on her own as a performer and not not only as Jimmie’s wife. In addition to performing, she also has a great passion for fashion and plans to start her own clothing line in the near future.

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